We Welcome You To Our Official Blog.. It's Under Construction, Please Come Back Soon

We would like to present our official Blog. Starlets is a new comer pop and rock group from Sukabumi, Indonesia. Our band just released the first album called 'Episode Satu' with first single 'Tergila Padamu'. We have proved a tremendous achievement as MTV Indonesia Hot Seat in the month of May 2008.
Although our initial musical style is rooted 1960s pop and rock 'the Beatles' and homegrown balad with a slight touch of rhythmic beat of rock 'n roll, but with group members tunes idealism explored genres ranging from the influences of David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Jason Mraz, Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Iggy Pop, The Clash, Radiohead, The Who, The Cure, 311 and Stone Temple Pilot. Our clothes, styles and statements brought those legendary artists / groups alive. But of course, Starlets has its own style of music with refreshing tunes and uniquely firmed and easy listening music lyrics, that what makes Starlets is a bit different from the others.

Members of our group are Luthfi Permana 'Uphie' (Vocalist), Andy Ibrahim 'Andy' (Guitarist), Ryan Luvna 'Ryan' (Guitarist), Harrie Indra Lukissa 'Harry' (Keyboardist), Wilhan Williams 'Willy' (Bassist) and Muhammad Taufik 'Puya' (Drummer). Starlets had to lose its former drummer who was narrowed in group sound before signing a contract with its record label, Maha Suara-Alfa Records. Finding ourselves drummerless before our upcoming contract and album, our group invited Puya to become our drummer. Puya is a professional private drum lessons instructor. As the youngest in the group, he was easily mingled with the group sound.
Our first album 'Episode Satu' has been well-prepared with great songs that will fulfill the soundtrack of anyone's life in Indonesia or anywhere. With significant greeting, please welcome.... STARLETS!!!!

Starlets Tergila Padamu